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1) he wants to require anyone wanting to acquire a gun how to get rid of small acne scars to first, in addition to passing a NICS (national instant criminal background) check, to also acquire a “license” from the federal government. Such licenses can, of course, be arbitrarily withheld at the whim of politicians, absent due process, and with no explanation

I wonder what others among our constitutional rights will now how to get rid of small acne scars require a “license.” will one now need a “license” in order to publish an editorial, or host a meeting in his home? Will his home now have to be “licensed” in order to keep its doors from being arbitrarily kicked-in during warrantless searches?

2) he wants to ban ill-defined “assault weapons,” but offers no specifics with regard to how that could how to get rid of small acne scars be accomplished. Does he plan on kicking-in every door in the nation until he has seized how to get rid of small acne scars them all? Short of that, how could his “ban” be implemented?

3) he wants mandated federal “handgun microstamping technology,” which has failed utterly in CA where it was first how to get rid of small acne scars tried. This is a cynical way to effectively ban the manufacture how to get rid of small acne scars of all guns that do not meet a deliberately impossible how to get rid of small acne scars standard.

A vicious political war over our second amendment rights as how to get rid of small acne scars americans is obviously in full-swing, as evidenced by this chilling rhetoric so dramatically emanating from how to get rid of small acne scars the mouths of booker, and all of his fellow democrat presidential aspirants.

“when you love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for how to get rid of small acne scars freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May chains set lightly upon you; and may posterity forget that you were ever our countrymen.”

SAAMI stands for “sporting arms and ammunition manufacturing institute.” SAAMI was instituted in 1913 in order to establish and how to get rid of small acne scars exchange consistent small-arms technical information between american factories producing military arms and how to get rid of small acne scars ammunition.

Conversely, when the barrel is stamped “5.56×45,” it has a looser NATO chamber, with adequate leade, or freebore (this is a short section of bore just ahead of how to get rid of small acne scars the chamber that is not rifled, allowing the bullet to jump off the case before it how to get rid of small acne scars engages the rifling). The combination of generous chamber dimensions and adequate leade is how to get rid of small acne scars intended to prevent stuck cases, broken extractors, and pressure-spikes in autoloading rifles, particularly when they get hot.

We are told the decision has now been made at how to get rid of small acne scars DOD to supercede the 5.56×45 with remington’s 6.80×43 (6.8 SPC, introduced by remington in 2003). How long this conversion will take, and whether or not our NATO allies will go along, once more, is anyone’s guess!

When you buy an FAL, RA/XCR/M, SCAR, POF revolution, et al and intend it for “serious purposes,” you want a “308″ chamber (with adequate leade), not the tighter 7.62×51 NATO chamber, particularly when you plan on running a wide variety of how to get rid of small acne scars ammunition through it.

Once again. “serious” autoloading rifles have to be able to chamber and shoot how to get rid of small acne scars any kind/brand of ammunition you can find, without stammering, without breaking extractors, without the extractor pulling-through the case-rim, and without the extractor ripping heads off of cases.

Where red-flag laws are in-force, an innocent american citizen can be severely punished, based on an arbitrary, unsubstantiated, anonymous whim, absent investigation, absent arrest, absent criminal accusation, absent conviction, absent any opportunity to state his case, nor refute testimony against him, absent any professional mental-health evaluation, absent any species of ‘due process,” without any knowledge nor warning that his legally-owned guns are about to be forcibly confiscated, probably forever!

Using the same phoney rational, I wonder how long it will be before democrat politicians, in like manner, demand the power to arbitrarily confiscate your car, dog, golf clubs, knives, and anything else you legally own that could possibly use how to get rid of small acne scars as a weapon!

1) your status as a gun-owner/concealed-carrier needs to be a secret. Most relatives, co-workers, neighbors, even friends don’t need to know. Don’t talk about specific guns you may own, particularly military rifles. Maintain a low profile. Find other things to talk about!

2) guns you own need to be adequately secured, and always out of sight. Ammunition boxes, loose rounds of ammunition, gun magazines and other literature, holsters, rifle magazines, accessories, etc need also to be kept continuously out of sight. Casual visitors to your home, office, car should never see any of that!

8) gun-organization literature, flyers, etc need to be shredded immediately after you finish reading how to get rid of small acne scars them. Tear off address-labels on gun magazines and shred them too. You don’t want your residence address associated/connected with guns, nor gun-organizations.

American gun-owners have no friends among democrat politicians, particularly those currently aspiring to be president, and they would all like nothing better than to make how to get rid of small acne scars “examples” of some of us, welding the illegitimate power of their new “red-flag” laws.

I’ve never met any of those up the food-chain at NRA, and I only hope things at the top level will how to get rid of small acne scars settle-down quickly. Political leftists hate our guts, but they’re still afraid of us. We need to ever-assure them that their fear is justified!

Lehigh defense, makers of their own line of high-performance ammunition, featuring their proprietary, all-copper FTM bullets, also supplies FTM bullets to black hills and underwood, both of whom make their own versions of high-performance ammunition. I have been testing FTM bullets for over a year how to get rid of small acne scars now, and I am confident enough to carry them in my how to get rid of small acne scars primary pistol.

Like so many others, it features ambidextrous magazine-release buttons and slide-lock levers, which I think are both bad ideas (particularly ambidextrous magazine-release buttons) , but marketing consultants (who don’t even own guns, much less carry them) think the mantra of “ambidextarity” will appeal to american consumers.

By contrast, the honor defense HG9CLE is a good example of a how to get rid of small acne scars pistol manufactured by operators, who actually carry guns! It’s a single-column 9mm, striker-fired pistol, specifically designed for concealed carry and serious purposes, much like the equally-excellent G48.