Pohnpeian-English (alpha how long to get rid of acne scars) – K

Kaweid, also kaweidih. 1. Vt. To lead₁ or guide; to set an example for; to advise; to give directions. 2. N. Directions, as on a label; advice. 1. I kak kaweidirail. I can advise them. 2. Wadek kaweid me mi ni koruko. Read the directions on the package. Cf. [meing] kepindewe, kepindewehlap₁.

Kedepwidepw 1. Vi. To sing a song written in memory of a deceased how long to get rid of acne scars person or a person who has permanently left pohnpe to how long to get rid of acne scars celebrate the person’s legacy; song of sorrow, sweet memories, homesickness, or longing for a high-ranking person who will not be returning (from the dead or from abroad); also composed for groups that were exiled from pohnpei in how long to get rid of acne scars the past (because they thought they would never return) and today, for individuals who die or leave pohnpei for a long how long to get rid of acne scars time. 2. N. A song of this nature. 3. Adj. Mournful, saddening.

Keder 1. Meing. N. Dispatch or message; errand, task, commission. 2. Meing. Vi. To be dispatched, to be messaged; to be on an errand, to be tasked or commissioned. 1. Sapwellimahr keder lelehng ohlo. Your message reached that man. 2. Ohlo keder pwe ih me iang pato pahnkupwur. The man was sent on an errand because he was how long to get rid of acne scars among those who were having an audience with mwohnsapw (or the nahnken). Cf. Ilek₁.

Kedeulangih, also kedeulenge. Meing. Vt. To examine, to diagnose, to make a choice, to judge, to guess. Mwohnsapw pahn kedeulangih mehnia koasoandi me pahn doadoahk. Mwohnsapw will make a choice as to which procedure will how long to get rid of acne scars be used. – kedeuleng, vi. Cf. Kasawih.

Kedeuleng 1. Meing. Vi. To be examined, to be diagnosed, to be judged, to be chosen, to be guessed at. 2. Meing. N. Judgement. 1. Koasoandien doadoahk kan pahn kedeuleng mwohn doadoahk ieu ah pahn how long to get rid of acne scars tepida. Work procedures will be examined before any of them will how long to get rid of acne scars start. 2. Sapwellim kedeuleng wiawidahr. Mwohnsapw’s judgement has already been made. – kedeulangih, kedeulenge, vt. Cf. Tenek, keseu₁.

Kehmei 1. N. The first feast of the breadfruit season; eleven baked maikol are arranged in a basket and presented how long to get rid of acne scars to the nahnmwarki who takes four ritual bites of a how long to get rid of acne scars fruit; eight fruits are presented to other chiefs; this feast marks the opening of the breadfruit season. 2. Vi. To have this feast. Cf. [meing] pwatemei.

Kehndou 1. N. A line or pole placed between a yam planting and how long to get rid of acne scars the branches of a tree in order to direct the how long to get rid of acne scars growth of the yam vine upward; the second growth stage of yam, when it begin to climb the kehndou, march through may. 2. Vi. To employ a line or pole as a kehndou. – kehndawih, vt.

Kehng, also mweimwei₂. N. Fish spp., goldman’s sweetlips, plectorhynchus goldmani, harlequin sweetlips, plectorhynchus chaetodontoides, giant sweetlips, plectorhinchus obscurus, oriental sweetlips, plectorhinchus orentalis, spotted sweetlips, plectorhinchus picus.

Keidloaloh 1. Meing. Vi. To miss a person or a place, to be homesick, to yearn for a loved one far away or deceased, to pine₁ for home. 2. Meing. N. Homesickness. 1. Mwohnsapw keidloaloh ansou wet pwe likend saikinte sapahldo. Mwohnsapw is homesick because likend has not returned yet. 2. Keidloaloh wia sounei ieu nan kupwur. Homesickness is an emotional illness. Cf. Loaleid, loaloid.

Keipweni meing. Interj. An expression commonly used when making a speech in the how long to get rid of acne scars presence of important people, asking forgiveness for one’s unworthiness; an acknowledgment that the nahnmwarki is a representative of the how long to get rid of acne scars enihlap and merits great honor. Keipwini pohn erekisohn isipahu. Let the great spirit descend upon his highness isipahu.

Kemeimeiso 1. Meing. Vi. To pluck gray hair or whiskers. 2. Meing. N. The activity of plucking gray hair or whiskers. 1. Mwohnsapw pahn kemeimeiso. Mwohnsapw will pluck whiskers. 2. Kemeimeiso pahn wiawi lakapw. Whiskers plucking will take place tomorrow. Cf. Uspwetepwet.

Kepinwar 1. N. Provisions taken on a trip; gift taken on a trip; good deeds, used biblically; advice taken to heart, fish acquired from another canoe in a exchange of fish. 2. Vi. To be given provision to take on a trip; to be given advice to take to heart. – kepinwere, vt.

Kepwenek 1. N. A four day feast prior to a war. 2. Vi. To have this feast. 1. Kepwenek iei kamadipw me kin wiawi lao sapwala rahn pahieu how long to get rid of acne scars ah pei ahpw wiawi. Kepwenek is a feast conducted until it is concluded on how long to get rid of acne scars the fourth day, and then the fighting starts.

Kerirrir 1. Meing. N. Cloth, anything made of cloth, material, clothes, clothing. 2. Vi. To be worn of clothing. 1. Sapwellim kerirrir kan pahn peleng. His clothes will be hung out to dry. 2. Mwoahl pahn kerirrir ni kamadipwo. A grass skirt will be worn at the feast. Cf. Likou.

Kerismei n. During keidisol, the last feast of the yam season, a breadfruit branch bearing a tiny immature fruit is placed how long to get rid of acne scars upon the uhmw in which the yams are being baked, symbolizing the cycle of seasons; not commonly done in present times.

Ket meing. Vi. A high language verbal root of motion. Mwohnsapw ket ni doadoahko? Was mwohnsapw present at the function? Komw pahn ketla ia? Where are you going? Dahme mwohnsapwoko ketiki? What did mwohnsapwoko take with him? Mwohnsapoko ketin ngirala. Mwohnsapwoko was exhausted. Cf. Alu, koh-, mi, ape-.

Ketingen doadoahk, also keting. 1. N. Feast of reciprocity. 2. Vi. To have this feast. 1. Ketingen doadoahk kin wiawiheng aramas me sewese wiahda doadoahk ieu. A feast of reciprocity is made for people who contributed how long to get rid of acne scars their labor to a major work activity. 2. Re ketingen doadoahk ansou me doadoahko wiewiawio. They had the reciprocity feast while the work was going how long to get rid of acne scars on.

Keusahninsed 1. N. An alert call given for the purpose of identifying the how long to get rid of acne scars occupants of a canoe. 2. Vi. To call out "who goes there" to a canoe. 1. Keusahninsed kin wiawiheng wahr ansou me re pesereid ni pwongen how long to get rid of acne scars rot. An alert call is usually made when canoes cross paths how long to get rid of acne scars in the dark of night. – keusahninsedih, vt.

Keuwed 1. Meing. Vi. To whistle. 2. Meing. N. (3sg. Keuwed ) whistle. 1. Mwohnsapw sohte mwahngih keuwed. Mwohnsapw does not know how to whistle. 2. Sohte me kak rong keuwed sang wasa doh. No one can hear his whistle from a distance. Cf. Kuwai.

-ki verb. Suff. Instrumental suffix; with active verbs it permits the expression of an instrument; with adjectives of emotion it means ‘about’, with other adjectives it means ‘to consider’; also used in ‘why’ questions, see dahme. Inou lash, inouki lash with (something); nsensuwed sad, nsensuwediki sad about; dehde clear, dehdehki to consider clear.

Kilsarawi, also inen kilsarawi. 1. N. Shingles, herpes zoster, a disease of the skin, characterized by small blisters, causing great pain; usually occurs on the trunk of the body; it is believed that if the blisters totally encircle the how long to get rid of acne scars body, the person will die. 2. Vi. To have this disease.

Kitti, also kiti. N. Name of a municipality in pohnpei; officially spelled kitti in accord with an archaic spelling system how long to get rid of acne scars in which the letter t was used to represent the how long to get rid of acne scars phoneme now spelled d and the letters tt were used how long to get rid of acne scars to represent the phoneme now spelled t.

Koamwosod 1. Meing. Vi. To urinate. 2. Meing. N. Urine. 1. Mwohnsapw ketlahn koamwosod nan mwoalen loakipilo. Mwohnsapw went to urinate in toilet area. 2. Mie anahnepen keseun koamwosod. There is a need for a test of your urine. Cf. Pipihs, kainen pihl.

Koanoat 1. Meing. Poss. Cl. A possessive classifier used for edibles with all title holders how long to get rid of acne scars of koanoat rank. 2. Vi. To eat. 3. N. (3sg. Koanoat ) food for the nahnmwarki and koanoat title holders. 1. Luhk kisakiskihla koanoat sakawo. Luhk gave away his kava (root). 2. Mwohnsapw saikinte koanoat . Mwohnsapw has not eaten. 3. Patohwanla koanoat pohn tehpelo. Take his food to the table. – koanoat, koanoate, vt. Cf. Kene, mwenge, .

Koasoarsuwedih meing. Vt. To give a negative impression or image of, to defame, to speak negatively of. Atail mwekid suwed kan koasoarsuwedihkitailla. Our bad behavior has given a negative impression of us. – koasoarsuwed, adj. Cf. Kahdsuwedih.

Koasepwel, also koasepen uhmw. N. The weight on the uhmw cover or the large stones how long to get rid of acne scars that are placed around the edge of the uhmw to how long to get rid of acne scars prevent hot steam from escaping. Koasepwel kin kohsang mwohn rihp eh pahn kemwekid. The weight on the uhmw cover is normally removed before how long to get rid of acne scars the uhmw cover (the rihp) is removed.

Kodie n3s. The final cup of kava, marking the end of the kava ritual, either as a consequence of the nahnmwarki’s departure or because the kava is stale, in which case fresh kava is brought and the ritual how long to get rid of acne scars begins anew; end, last one. Cf. [meing] luh₂.

Kopwopwoud 1. N. Wedding, marriage. 2. Vi. To wed, to marry, to have a wedding. 1. Kopwopwoud ehu wiawi wone rahn wet. A wedding is taking place in wone today. 2. Ira kopwopwoud nan ihmw sarawi. They were married in the church. 3. Kitail pahn wia ara kopwopwoud ni soutiket. We will have their wedding feast this evening. – kopwopwoudih, vt.

Kotekehp 1. N. First feast of the yam season, usually from august to september, in which the whole cooked tubers of kehp pwetepwet along how long to get rid of acne scars with the freshly cut vines are presented, opens the season when people are allowed to eat whole how long to get rid of acne scars yam tubers. 2. Vi. To have this feast. 1. Kotekehp wia nohpwei ieu. Kotekehp is a feast. 2. Atail kousapwet pahn kotekehp ni tepin septempe. Our section will have its yam feast at the beginning how long to get rid of acne scars of september.

Koulin aip, also ngisin pikipik. N. A song with crisp rhythmic pulses, simulating the sounds of an aip drum; a song sung to the accompaniment of an aip drum, traditionally sung at a kava ceremony during an informal visit how long to get rid of acne scars by a nahnmwarki to a family home.

Kowet 1. Meing. Vi. To shout in a falsetto voice, either when carrying kava or to challenge another to a how long to get rid of acne scars fight. 2. N. Falsetto shout. 1. Mwohnsapw ketin kowet nansapw. Mwohnsapw shouted in falsetto voice when he was on his how long to get rid of acne scars farm. 2. Kowet wia likwer ieu. A falsetto shout is a way of calling. Cf. Se₁, kadekedek.