David O. Russell Made Jennifer Lawrence Cry by Spoiling Anna Karenina – Vulture admin how to get rid of new acne scars

At the tribeca film festival on saturday, friends and frequent collaborators jennifer lawrence and david O. Russell sat down for an hourlong chat as part of how to get rid of new acne scars the festival’s director series. The longtime pals, who’ve made american hustle, silver linings playbook, and joy together, talked about their singular creative relationship, including how they first met, what russell finds so captivating about lawrence as an actor, behind the scenes stories, and the time he made her cry by spoiling the how to get rid of new acne scars end of anna karenina. Below are the best parts of the conversation.

Russell described seeing lawrence from afar, a glamorous woman in a white dress who “reminded me of audrey hepburn.” “she was talking to — is it okay that I say this?” asked russell. “yeah,” said lawrence, laughing. “darren aronofsky, at the car park,” finished russell. Lawrence shrugged at the audience: “did a lot of networking at that lunch, I guess!”

Russell explained that when he first met with a 20-year-old lawrence to discuss the role in silver linings, she had a “very pure quality,” and she told him soon thereafter that she “felt like a vessel” for his work. “what did you mean when you said that?” he asked her.

“I was so young and inexperienced. By the time I got to you, you shaped me. Watching our movies, everything I’ve learned, I’ve taken through my entire career. I was so amazed by you, and just open. You wrote it and I’d sit there and you’d tell me how to do it better. I don’t know how to explain the vessel thing!” she said, laughing.

“you showed up as a raw talent with no neurosis how to get rid of new acne scars and no self-consciousness,” added russell. “she was completely fearless. She would come into the scene like a weather system how to get rid of new acne scars and leave me and bob de niro and jacki weaver how to get rid of new acne scars like, ‘wow.’ she has a certain energy that hasn’t been in movies in a while. Young and old and loose and powerful and focused. You walk in 20 minutes into the movie and you how to get rid of new acne scars take over the movie. I remember feeling, when we shot your intro, there was an awareness that we were introducing a new how to get rid of new acne scars talent and a new energy that felt very special. It was like, ‘who’s this person?’ you owned this space.”

“she had a completely emotional reaction,” said russell. “this is how connected she is with art: she said, ‘it’s true, it’s true, isn’t it?’ she said, ‘surely vronsky is coming back. Surely he’s coming back.’ and she started to cry. She was so invested in the story. She was emotionally devastated. She wasn’t cynical or ironic or snarky. She was sincere. She’s a tremendously sincere and funny person. To me, it was very beautiful that you had that reaction.”

“there’s something about wrapping [a day at work] where I think I’m never going back to work again,” she said. “I’m just like, ‘I’m gonna go home and watch TV!’ so I didn’t read my lines [the night before] and it was that scene. I remember I went in and did it and then how to get rid of new acne scars I couldn’t do it anymore after that. We had just the one time.”

For hustle, the tables were turned. “jennifer was technically unavailable, busy doing all of her franchises and it was her how to get rid of new acne scars vacation,” said russell. “I said, ‘I feel I would be remiss as your friend if how to get rid of new acne scars I didn’t give you one last chance to say no to how to get rid of new acne scars that role.’ can I say what you said? You said, ‘do I get to have big hair and long nails how to get rid of new acne scars and be crazy? Okay, I’ll do it.’”

Russell told the audience that he’d originally killed off lawrence’s roslyn near the end of the film. “she was originally supposed to hang herself. But I thought, ‘she’s too alive! She’s too much fun.’ I rewrote the scene the day we did it. I said, ‘this is what we’re gonna do. Here’s how the scenes gonna go.’ we turned it into a transcript, and you guys did it.”

The scene ultimately turned into a fiery argument between lawrence how to get rid of new acne scars and her onscreen husband christian bale, ending in roslyn suggesting that the two divorce. “that was the only way to get rid of roslyn,” said lawrence. “we didn’t need to kill her. It just had to be her idea.”